Zero Carbon Homes

Driven by a respect for the environment, The Chasse is founded on ground-breaking technology to save you money.

Zero Carbon Homes

Thanks to an array of eco-friendly technologies The Chasse is a landmark development in more ways than one.

Minimising and conserving energy is an important element of each property; features such as extra-thick insulation, underfloor heating and the latest low energy triple glazed windows make each home 75% more energy efficient than other homes currently being built under today's 2010 Part-L Building Regulation* requirements!

As a Heritage Future Collection development, each home in The Chasse is built to a high sustainability standard, with an AA* energy efficiency rating, because we firmly believe that it is the best way to ensure that your home will be comfortable, efficient and modern for years to come.

A ZERO Carbon* "Heritage Future" home with a Solar Photovoltaic system will help you to future proof your cost of living now, years ahead of most other homes currently being built today.

Compare these facts

  • ZERO Carbon CO2 emmissions*
  • 100% more energy efficient TER*
  • 300mm dense floor insulation
  • Highly insulated 'warm roof'
  • Triple glazed uPVC windows
  • Full cavity fill dense wall insulation

Greener Living

These Solar (PV) panels generate electricity from daylight and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

The South West of England receives amongst the highest levels of solar radiation in the UK, so it is very well suited to solar PV panels and as energy prices rise a home fitted with Solar PV panels will be seen as essential to buyers looking for an energy efficient home for the future.

The Solar PV system qualifies for payments from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, the government's financial incentive for renewable electricity generation introduced in April 2010. Under the FIT scheme you will get paid for all of the electricity the PV system generates. The FIT payments are for 20 years and are index-linked and tax-free for individuals.

You are also likely to make savings on your electricity bill because every unit of electricity which the system generates and you use onsite is one less unit of electricity that you will need to buy from your electricity supplier. Savings on your electricity bill will last for the 30-40 year lifespan of the PV panels and will be increasingly valuable as energy costs continue to rise.

Solar PV panels have no moving parts and PV systems are largely maintenance free. The only working part is the inverter, which is needed to convert the DC electricity produced by the PV panels into AC electricity so it can be used onsite or exported to the grid. It is likely to need replacing after 10-15 years. Based on current inverter prices the income from the FIT scheme will more than cover the cost of a new inverter many times over.

A ZERO Carbon* "Heritage Future" home is not only an investment in quality now, it is also a solid investment in YOUR future heritage.




* Based on SAP 2009 Regulations preliminary pre-construction SAP Calculations / PEA & 100% reduction in Target Emission Rates (TER).